Friday, September 28, 2007

I have been struggling with taking a good photo as of late and for selling jewelry goes that isn't good. I just made a new light box and I hope that will help. I need to get a light source from the top worked out and then I hope that it will be better. But for now things will just have to do. The above necklace is new and has yet to be posted on the website that will be done in the next day or so, I guess this is then a seek peek at the new things to be posted
The black and gray necklace is made with ceramic hearts and Bali Sterling Silver, The black rounds are actually Swarovski pearls they are called mystic black and have the glossy look instead of the pearl finish.
The pink necklace is made with a beautiful pink dicrohic glass pendant and is very hard to do justice in a photo. It also has sterling silver and chinese celestial crystals.
The bracelet is made with red bend jasper and blackstone the center has a bold Bali sterling silver bead that is framed by the beautiful beads.
These all we be listed soon on check in and see what else is new.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Gift wrapped and ready to give

The other day I talked about sending orders out already for gift giving. I just posted the above photo on the website and have made some other changes. We are excited about this and we hope that it will help with sales for the holidays. The other changes are some gemstones listed on the home page and links to the page that you can find these stones. I hope that this will help people find things that they might be searching for or make them want to look around at the differnet stones. I also posted about the coupon for fall. But don't worry if you can't buy before the 1st of oct we will be running another one. Don't forget to stop at for all your holiday shopping.