Saturday, May 31, 2008

New month New contest

So I guess that I was a day ahead of myself and ended May’s contest a day early so sorry, you know the old saying day late and a dollar short. Well that is me. But anyway this month’s winner is Jennifer J. So congrats to you Jen I will get your bracelet mailed Monday. So the new prize is a pair of earrings that has both of June’s birthstones. These are made with Sterling Silver chain and freshwater pearls, then Swarovski crystals in the Alexandrite color. So enter to see if June is your lucky month. Ok so it seems like the internet doesn't like me today so you will have to go to the website to see the earrings, but then you have to go there anyway to enter so no biggy.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Down to the wire

Ok so , I guess I could use the wire line as a pun, but the truth of the matter is that we are down to just 2 more days for this months contest. I must admit that I have had better response than I thought we would have, And the goal for next month is to double the entries. This has been quite the journey, from the open house parties that Deb and I had to donating jewelry for fundraisers. To a full fledged website. This all began as a dream really just a passing thought. Could we really do this. Can we make a success of this. We have had our ups and downs, believers and doubters. Even at times wondering if we could make this work. But here we are about 14 months into it and feeling very good about the future of our little website. We have had increased traffic (ok ok I know anything is up from nothing) But as I work at this computer each day to better the site and do the things that others are helping me learn about. I feel that this is the thing that I am meant to do. That this will not just be a website about selling jewelry but a way to reach others. The waterbug story on our site has touched so many over the past few years. It has come to be the symbol that we look for in every shop we visit. And now with warm weather the thing that we lookfor each time we walk down the street. We want to help anyone who is struggling with the lost of a loved one. I have a as I call it a car jewel it hangs from my rear view mirror it is made of some very special crystals that belonged to my mom and at the end is a dragonfly. From his wings are smaller crystals that represent the birthstones of the ones that I have lost in the last few years. I know that they are watching over me. I just hope that they can be proud of the work that I have done, for it is because of them that I try so hard to be a success

Creating with pearls

Waiting for the mailman has become a great new pastime for me. That is waiting for my lastest bead order. Then the magic begins the opening of the package and then the indiviual little bundles. Each one with new treasures to make beautiful jewelry with. This order has my favorite pearls any kind will work, all the colors, shapes. Some artists want to work with crystals, and they have their place in my creations. Gemstones, anything from rich agates to pure black onyx. These all make for great jewelry. But if you mix these with the best, pearls you then have the ultimute in jewelry. I have said before that I have a passion for pearls and that is an understatement. Wearing jeans and a tee shirt then you can add a simple pearl bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings, keeping it simple. But dressing up then the pearls will make a real statement. Multi strand, single peart drop. or like this Pearl Necklace DB-150 This necklace will make that little black dress and you stand out in the crowd. Visit for more creations with pearls.